Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"HOUSE" Annie Schor and Lauren Smith - Friday, 6 February 2009


FRIDAY | 6 February 2009 | 7-10pm

The Crossley Gallery at Ringling College of Art & Design welcomes you to the opening night of "House", a show produced by two senior Fine Artists, Annie Schor and Lauren Smith. Both artists presented work in "The Ones that Got Away" a group show featuring Ringling students who had studied in New York and Ireland. Annie studied in Ireland and Lauren studied in New York.

Both artists are attracted to the interior and the exterior spaces of the home and are currently working on their individual senior thesis.

The artist Annie Schor works with the idea of a house being a container for the body. She makes plywood staircases; plaster houses, soap houses, latex sheets, and drawings of houses. Mattresses are used to reference the body in her work. She investigates the anxiety of not knowing what to do with time; waiting for something to happen yet nothing ever does.

Lauren Smith creates environments that explore interiors as personal histories. Using various mediums, her work is formed through a hybrid approach. She incorporates video, installations, photography, digital drawings, and sculptures made of wood. Lauren’s work generalizes the specific, edits and abstracts individual spaces into basic shapes and colors, while addressing both their sameness and uniqueness. “By recreating private spaces I am creating works in which viewers can imagine their selves an integral part.”

Please join us for an evening of Art, friends, family, music, and complimentary food and drink!

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