Monday, April 13, 2009

"Crooked Grain" April 7th 2009

Featuring: Melissa Apter, Kelly Cavanaugh, and Heather Berquist

sculpture by Melissa Apter

sculpture by Heather Berquist

Paintings by Kelly Cavanaugh

Heather Berquist with audience member next to her piece

Devon Robinson

Musicians from Left to Right: Justin Runfola, Dean Arscot, Kevin Vigil, Devon Robinson
painting by Kelly Cavanaugh

wall pieces by Heather Berquist

Detail of Heather Berquist's piece

sculpture by Melissa Apter

sculpture by Heather Berquist

view of gallery

Melissa Apter (center) with her piece 

Artists from left to right: Heather Berquist, Melissa Apter, and Kelly Cavanaugh

"Quarry" April 3rd 2009

by Kayla Carlson

wall installation by Romy Maloon

sculpture by Romy Maloon

sculpture by Kayla Carlson

wall piece by Romy Maloon

Sculpture by Kayla Carlson

Horn piece by Romy Maloon

Book by Kayla Carlson

Sculptures by Kayla Carlson

Artist Romy Maloon and her Mother

by Kayla Carlson

By Romy Maloon

By Romy Maloon

Entrance to Gallery

(Photos by Michelle Fisher)

Kayla Carlson & Romy Maloon

Saturday, April 11, 2009

"The Sausages Don't Want to Go Ouside" March 27th 2009

Details of Wall Mural

Sculpture by Reva Castillenti

Sculpture by Reva Castillenti

Detail of Collaborative Sculpture

Collaborative wall mural and center sculpture by Jessie Bowie and Reva Castillenti

Collaborative piece by Bowie & Castillenti

water color by Reva Castillenti

sculpture by Reva Castillenti

Drawings by Jessie Bowie

Wall installation by Jessie Bowie, Sculpture by Reva Castillenti

Installation view