Friday, February 27, 2009

"Impulse" 20th February 2009

The artists: Kristen Bellomo (right), Sara Harrison (left)

view of gallery

Installation by Kristen Bellomo

by Kristen Bellomo

Interactive installation by Kristen Bellomo

Interactive installation by Kristen Bellomo

Installation by Kristen Bellomo

Electronic and sound sculptures by Sara Harrison

Interactive sculpture by Sara Harrison

Sculpture by Sara Harrison

Sculpture by Sara Harrison

Sunday, February 15, 2009

"It's Called Paper" Feb. 13th 2009

Lithograph portaits by Angela Bassini

Hanging installation by Ariel Hardwick

Watercolor drawings by Amanda Dawson

detail of Angela Bassini's lithograph

Artists (left to right) : Angela Bassini, Ariel Hardwick, and Amanda Dawson

(Photographs by Michelle Fisher)

"Impulse" Kristen Bellomo and Sara Harrison - Friday, 20th February 2009


FRIDAY | 20 February 2009 | 7-10 pm

The Crossley Gallery at Ringling College of Art and Design presents "Impulse", featuring thesis work by Kristen Bellomo and Sara Harrison. Both artists work with sculpture and installation to help represent ideas of impulses through the physical, emotional and perceptual.

Kristen Bellomo works with the idea of paradoxical questioning. Primarily koans, which are used in the teachings of Zen Buddhism to show inadequacy of logical reasoning and are used as an aid in contemplation. She creates sculptural objects and installations dealing with questions of existence, and has introduced text by inventing specific questions/koans regarding the perceptual experience and the artistic process.

Sara Harrison works primarily with electronics, dealing with the idea that electrical currents and the human body have so much in common. She creates sculptures that speak directly to emotional experience. She deals with loss; the direct reactions to emotion and the physical effects that these emotions have on one's body.

Please join us on Friday, February 20th for hors’ devours and beverages!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

"It's Called Paper" Angela Bassini, Amanda Dawson, Ariel Hardwick - Friday 13 February 2009


FRIDAY | 13 February 2009 | 7-9pm

The Crossley Gallery at Ringling College of Art & Design welcomes you to the opening night of "It's called Paper", a show featuring the work of three senior Fine Artists: Ariel Hardwick, Amanda Dawson and Angela Bassini. All of these artists work with paper to talk about relationships concerning the human form.

Ariel Hardwick explores the female form through generalization and figurative subtlety. Her fascination with the figure is explored with powdered charcoal, gel matte medium, tracing paper, and monofilament. Hardwick inlays charcoal and matte medium into the tracing paper, manipulating it into voluptuous, orifice shapes that give reference to natural forms, especially the sensual form of the figure. Singular components are placed together to create installations and are hung or attached to surfaces.

Amanda Dawson constructs landscapes by using relationships to build personal portraits. She uses trees to represent herself and others within her landscape. Spacing and repetition convey her feeling of these relationships. She screen prints and uses water color on paper to create these images. Dawson uses delicate line work and repetition to allow the viewer to build narratives and recall their own experiences.

The images that are used in Angela Bassini's work are snap shots of individuals. These portraits give the viewer a brief glimpse of a random point in the subject's life. Printmaking processes such as lithography and silk-screening are used to create the image. The repetitive nature of each of these processes allows the artist to explore each piece and find how best to express the individuals.

All of the work in this exhibition is based on our perspectives whether they are self, relational, or based on the body. Please join us on Friday. Refreshments will be served.

Monday, February 9, 2009

HOUSE Feb 6, 2009

sculpture by Lauren Smith

Work on left by Annie Schor, work on the right by Lauren Smith

sculpture by Annie Schor

video by Lauren Smith

sculpture by Annie Schor

sculpture by Annie Schor

projection by Lauren Smith

featured artist Annie Schor and her mother

paintings by Annie Schor

sculpture by Lauren Smith

sculpture by Lauren Smith

prints and drawings by Annie Schor

audience interaction with Lauren Smith's projection

the opening was closed with a performance by Dave Rodriguez and Alexander Wallis

(Photographs by Michelle Fisher)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

"HOUSE" Annie Schor and Lauren Smith - Friday, 6 February 2009


FRIDAY | 6 February 2009 | 7-10pm

The Crossley Gallery at Ringling College of Art & Design welcomes you to the opening night of "House", a show produced by two senior Fine Artists, Annie Schor and Lauren Smith. Both artists presented work in "The Ones that Got Away" a group show featuring Ringling students who had studied in New York and Ireland. Annie studied in Ireland and Lauren studied in New York.

Both artists are attracted to the interior and the exterior spaces of the home and are currently working on their individual senior thesis.

The artist Annie Schor works with the idea of a house being a container for the body. She makes plywood staircases; plaster houses, soap houses, latex sheets, and drawings of houses. Mattresses are used to reference the body in her work. She investigates the anxiety of not knowing what to do with time; waiting for something to happen yet nothing ever does.

Lauren Smith creates environments that explore interiors as personal histories. Using various mediums, her work is formed through a hybrid approach. She incorporates video, installations, photography, digital drawings, and sculptures made of wood. Lauren’s work generalizes the specific, edits and abstracts individual spaces into basic shapes and colors, while addressing both their sameness and uniqueness. “By recreating private spaces I am creating works in which viewers can imagine their selves an integral part.”

Please join us for an evening of Art, friends, family, music, and complimentary food and drink!

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


The amazing Crossley Gallery Senior Exhibition poster was designed by Amanda Woodward, a Ringling GIC alum.
Visit her website:

Senior Exhibition Schedule:
February 6 ( Friday ) – Andrea Schor & Lauren Smith
February 13 ( Friday ) – Amanda Dawson & Angela Bassini & Ariel Hardwick
February 20 ( Friday ) – Kristen Bellomo & Sara Harrison
February 27 ( Friday ) – Jessica Moore & Ashley Workman
March 6 ( Friday ) – Coleman Borycens & Kristy Milner
March 17 ( Tuesday ) – Tucker, Jenn Nugent (2 FA), Olivia Posani (2 GIC)
March 20 ( Friday ) – Cynthia Burton & Corinne Grier (FA alum)
March 27 ( Friday ) – Jessica Bowie & Reva Castillenti
April 3 ( Friday ) – Kayla Carlson & Romy Maloon
April 7 (Tuesday) - Melissa Apter, Heather Berquist, Kelly Cavanaugh
April 10 ( Friday ) – Katie Foster & David Ian Kline & Alexander Wallis