Thursday, August 28, 2008

Crossley Show Dates

The Crossley Gallery is booked! The Fall 2008 line-up is:

Sept. 30: The Bees Knees Januari Navarro, Gregory Dirr, Michelle Fisher, Natalie Molinari, Valeri Marques
Oct 10: Open Your Heart to Me- Jeffery Heart
Oct 14: Canvases of Change - Lindsay Gilbert and Mira Crowell (open call show)
Ocr 21: What a Dick! Alex Wallis (submission show)
Oct 28: Ablution- Robby Ball (group show)
Nov 4: Tom Stephens
Nov 11: Implacable Creature Mikaela Williams and Amanda Seckington
Nov 18: Inviting the Third Person - Sarah Valdez and Jenny Vu
Nov 21: NightScapes Matthew Lindhardt and Erin Freeland
Dec 2: New College Collaborative Show
Dec 9: Advanced Drawing Class

Monday, August 25, 2008

2008-2009 Student Shows

Hello Fellow Ringling Students!

The Crossley Gallery Blog was created with the intention of promoting past and present exhibits. It is an online communal forum that will include reviews, photos and promotional materials. The site will serve as an up-to-date account of all information pertaining to the Crossley.
The Crossley Gallery will be accepting exhibition proposals during the 2008/2009 semesters. Further posts will be made shortly with detailed information on submission guidelines and expectations. Students in any major and class are welcome to submit.
Keeping with the tradition of the Crossley, we are expecting a very active, innovative and productive year!

Check this Blog for submission requests, show dates and times, and reviews.

contact us at: