Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ABLUTION - Oct. 28, 2008


TUESDAY | 28 November 2008 | 7-9pm

press release

The Crossley Gallery and Ringling College of Art & Design is proud to announce the opening of “Ablution” on October 21, 2008. This exhibition will feature the work of several artists curated by Fine Art student William Ball. Ball presents this show in collaboration with the newly-founded Mencia gallery in Boston, Massachusetts. The artists selected for this exhibition hail from around the country in addition to local talent, mingling established professional artists and student work. Isia Mencia, Eric Shaw, Yelena Avanesova, Maggie Lee, Sam Limbaugh, Ball, Stead Thomas, Ryan Hopewell, Sarah Valdez, Jenny Vu, Valerie Marquis, Z Behl, James Austin Eddy, Corinna D’schoto and others will present photography, video, drawings and paintings. David Curran will spin jazz records and food and drink will be served. Artwork is for sale.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

"Open Your Heart to Me" - Oct. 10, 2008


FRIDAY | 10 October 2008 | 7-10 pm

press release

The Crossley Galley and Ringling College of Art & Design introduces Jeffrey Heart ‘American Painter’ with his first solo show "Open Your Heart to Me." The exhibition is a ‘One Night Only’ event, and will feature 2-D work, installation and interactive performance.

The following information was provided by the artist:

This one night only show will include several of the already infamous clown paintings, as well as drawings, videos, music performances, ice cream trucks, and macaroni and cheese. In addition to this, there will be a live audience recording sing-a-long for the future coming "♥" childrens entertainment videotape.

• Be sure to bring a few dollars for your special desert surprise at 8:30 pm
• The live audience recording will take place at 9:00 pm
• Participants are invited to play music all night on the various instruments provided

"I hope everyone has fun, and don't forget to come dressed up as your favorite archetype! I have lots of surprises planned that ain't on the list, so keep your hopes high and don't spread any rumors!"

Jeffrey Heart (American Painter) was born in Massachusetts on January 24th, 1989 with a Sagittarius rising and a moon in Virgo. He enjoys nauseous romanticism, the world's greatest cheeseburger, and reading about Barnett Newman. He currently lives, works, and attends Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota, Fl.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Ones That Got Away - Sept. 28, 2008

The Ones That Got Away

Burren College of Art Program
Kristen Bellomo
Reva Castillenti
Amanda Dawson
Annie Schor

New York Studio Program
Jessie Bowie
Kayla Carlson
Romy Maloon
Lauren Smith

Work by Romy Maloon

Work by Kayla Carlson (Senior Fine Arts & Trustee Scholar)

Annie Schor and Mark Ormond

Work by Amanda Dawson

Work by Lauren Smith

Work by Annie Schor

Work by Romy Maloon

Work by Reva Castillenti

(Detail) Work by Romy Maloon